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Lab 22 - Dictionary Lookup


Write a function decipher(codex, secret_message) that uses the dictionary codex to decode secret message.

For example:

codex = {"s": "i",
         "y": "a",
         "e": "m",
         "q": "g",
         "p": "r",
         "n": "o",
         "t": "t"}

decipher(codex, "S ye Qpnnt!")

Would return:

I am Groot!

Write a function auto_correct(correct_words,text) where correct_words is a dictionary that maps commonly misplelled words to their correct spelling. Use correct words to autocorrect any applicable mispellings in text.

correct_words= {"Teh": "The",
                "mispelled": "misspelled",
                "corects": "corrects"}

auto_correct(correct_words, "Teh function corects mispelled words!")

Would return:

The function corrects misspelled words!

Write a function shopping_cart_total(cart, prices) where cart is a dictionary that maps shopping items to the quantity bought (eg. “forks”: 4) and prices is a dictionary that maps store items to how much they cost (eg. “milk”: 2.99). Use cart and prices to compute the total cost of all items in the cart.

For example:

cart = {"apple": 3, "soup": 5, "ramen": 3, "milk": 1}
prices = {"apple": 1, "soup": 3, "ramen": 1, "milk": 2}

shopping_cart_total(cart, prices)

Would return:


Write a function postal_routing(item_to_address, zip_code_to_delivery_bin) where item_to_address maps an item id to a street address and zip_code_to_delivery_bin maps a zip code to its postal delivery bin. Use item_to_address and zip_code_to_delivery_bin to create a new dictionary that maps an item id to its delivery bin.

For example:

item_to_address = {"Violin": "221B Baker St.,London,5208",
                   "Cheese": "62 West Wallaby Street,Wigan,Lancashire,227",
                   "Umbrella": "17 Cherry Tree Lane,London,5208",
                   "Spatula": "124 Conch Street,Bikini Bottom,Pacific Ocean,12345"}

zip_code_to_delivery_bin = {5208: 16,
                            227: 76,
                            12345: 1}

postal_routing(item_to_address, zip_code_to_delivery_bin)

Would return:

{"Violin": 16,
"Cheese": 76,
"Umbrella": 16,
"Spatula": 1}

Write a function assign_convocation_room(name_to_major, major_to_college, college_to_room) where name_to_major maps a students name to their major, major_to_college maps a major to its department/college, and college_to_room maps a college/department to the room number where their meeting will be held. Use these three dictionaries to create a new dictionary that maps each student to their assigned room number.

For example:

name_to_major = {"Jimmer Fredette": "American Studies", "Brandon Sanderson": "English", "Lindsey Stirling": "Recreation Management"}
major_to_college = {"American Studies": "Humanities", "English": "English", "Recreation Management": "Recreation Management"}
college_to_room = {"Humanities": 377, "English": 322, "Recreation Management": 258}

assign_convocation_room(name_to_major, major_to_college, college_to_room)

Would return:

{"Jimmer Fredette": 377, "Brandon Sanderson": 322, "Lindsey Stirling": 258}


decipher.py6 points
auto_correct.py6 points
shopping_cart_total.py6 points
postal_routing.py6 points
assign_convocation_room.py6 points